Reduce Costs, provide more business capabilities and derive for continuous process improvements.

We @ Tech Suvan are motivated to do whatever it takes to make your business stronger, achieve its goals and become more efficient. We combine and provide you with a cyclic approach covering technical know-how, rich business / domain knowledge, regional expertise and operational discipline of our team. We provide you with proactive recommendations derived from our various workshop planning sessions and help your organization optimize its business – IT spending and advance strategic objectives.

We have a wider knowledge base and sharing and efficient project management platforms to help reduce the effort and overall delivery time by tapping only the skills you need and just when you need them. We work with all industry standard project management methodologies and provide a very robust and variable billing model.

Tech Suvan is a task based organization and not geography based and we pick only the best resources for your projects. Our resources have access to greater level of business and technical artifacts and we have best-in class project management tools and templates to ensure a consistent process discipline and delivery focus. We provide you with a virtual delivery progress which would help understand the project progress and our consistent delivery standards.