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Thought Leadership

A Modern Mobile IT Strategy

Today's most productive employees are not tied to a desk, an office, or a location. They are mobile. And your company's IT strategy has to be ready to support them with easy, reliable, 24/7 access to the business information they need, from anywhere in the world, across a broad range of communication devices.

Here's how some of the nation's most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers — without overwhelming their IT departments.

Make Sure Your IT Strategy is Up to the Mobile Challenge …

According to Forrester Research, nearly 60% of all corporate employees share, access and manage vital content from outside the office — with their iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or other mobile device. Current trends certainly indicate that number is going to continue to increase rapidly.1

It just makes sense. Mobile content management increases user productivity, ramps up customer engagement, enhances customer service, maximizes collaboration and drives more effective business decision-making. That's why nearly half of all firms surveyed say they're focused on supporting more mobile applications for employees whose "office" is — increasingly — "wherever they are."1

Here's What a State-of-the-art Mobility Strategy Looks Like

An effective mobile IT strategy meshes seamlessly with your existing systems and procedures. Beyond that, it is designed to meet the critical needs of both mobile users and IT providers. These two groups have very different perspectives when it comes to mobile content requirements, and the needs of each are equally important to the success of any mobile strategy.

For busy mobile users…

Anywhere access : Sharing and managing files from any device

Unified content view : Keeping desktop, browser and mobile data in sync

Cohesive collaboration : Taking the hassles out of working together remotely

For savvy IT departments…

Supportability : Rolling out an ever-expanding variety of company-specific mobile apps

Security : Maintaining central security for remote device management coupled with auto logout and locking

Visibility : Gaining insight into how content is managed and accessed in the organization, including password/permission management and comprehensive auditing and reporting.

he growing list of mobile apps can enhance the value of the mobile devices your employees use every day

Your mobile workers can be more productive than ever before, quickly accessing mission-critical content — Microsoft® Office files, PDFs, images, videos and much more – from anywhere in the world using any mobile device


. Review and edit corporate documents C-level executives/board members/organization heads can receive documents on their tablets, replacing bulky paper binders and reducing preparation times. Box facilitates document review, editing and re-uploading of the latest edited versions.

Coordinate effective sales efforts Mobiles sales teams can present to customers directly from tablets, eliminating bulky presentation boards and computers. Marketing uploads new collateral to Box, assuring that sales always has the latest versions in real-time.

Make large documents more manageable Engineers in the field are able to reference complete designs and paperwork relating to their job site. Box eliminates the need to ship oversize paper blueprints and schematics, and includes search capabilities to make it quick and easy to find needed files.

Support continuing education programs Students can take notes, read handouts and textbooks and collaborate on school projects, all from a single, portable device, eliminating the need to carry big binders, heavy books and computers.

Mobile phones

Create content quickly and easily Users can take quick notes (video, photo, text or audio) and upload to Box seamlessly in the background.

Check-in with the office while on the road Traveling and commuting workers can keep tabs on what's happening within their organization, and who is accessing their documents and changes to their shared files.

Find documents quickly Mobile workers can quickly check information with Box's intuitive navigation makes it possible to easily search for, download and view critical files, including a wide variety of document types.

Share and collaborate easily Mobile workers are able to share documents quickly through Box or their native email, even when away from the office. Box also allows them to easily create a folder, upload documents and invite collaborators.